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Most Memorable Looks from MTV VMAs 2016

Recently, 33rd Annual MTV Video Music Awards function was held in New York City. Event was attended by numerous Hollywood biggies including actor and actresses, singers, producers, directors and many more. MTV VMA was more like a throng of beauty and fashion, about which we just cannot stop talking even after months of the event. 2016 MTV VMAs is the event of most memorable looks by celebrities.

Like I said earlier the event was attended by huge celebrity people. Some of them looked fabulous, gorgeous and elegant. While others put some genius disastrous. Even some of them were literally unrecognizable because of their strange outfits and style.

Let’s talk about the best memorable looks of the event first. It seems like no one before Beyoncé, who wore her wowed semi-sheer, lemonade gown and the feather collar around her neck gave the appearance of wing placed around her neckline. She not only just looked gorgeous but she also ruled the stage with her amazing performance and nominations for several categories. In fact, not just Beyoncé, there were a lot of celebs who appeared to be the most memorable looks of the evening. These including Tinashe, Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose and yes Kim Kardashian for her wet look.

Although there were some celebrities who wore something so much unexpected, so that people will not forget their disastrous look ever and in that list Lady Gaga leads the crew with her meaty dress. The famous American singer, Lady Gaga, wore a raw beef meaty dress at MTV VMA and looked terrible, in 2010. The dress was designed by the Franc Fernandez and it was quite challenging for the people to look at that dress even. And who can forget about the gold mini dress of Jenifer Lopez’s sweet 16 era and Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Madonna’s attempt of presenting themselves as two brides and a groom. Again not something to appreciate about. Then there’s Tyson Ritter, who forgot to wear shirt and put so much glitter on him instead.

Back in the year 2013, Miley Cyrus wore very high mouse jumpsuit with too high two buns on the head and appeared with her famous tongue out pose.

Most memorable looks

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