Natural Tips to Get Rid of Body Odor

Body Odor can sometimes be extremely embarrassing and can cause stress and anxiety in every day’s social situations. It gets even more embarrassing when you have to meet someone by hugging them and they made a face because you stink. Body odor is due to the growth of bacteria on the skin surface. It is usually influenced by genetics, poor lifestyle and is also caused by some specific medications. Getting rid of body odor is not as difficult as it seems, you just have to maintain some steps for personal hygiene to avoid such embarrassing situations. Here are some super amazing tips that can be opted by anyone to get rid of body odor. Have a look:

Natural Tips to Get Rid of Body Odor

  • If you are suffering from body odor problem then try having bath regularly. If possible than try showering twice a day to keep the bacteria away and to have clean and fresh body. You can also use an antibacterial soap or body wash.
  • Lemon is the best natural antibacterial product that keeps the body fresh and clean. Mix juice of 1 or 2 lemons in the water before showering. This is lemon juice bath will keep your body refreshed.
  • Rose water is another way to keep your body fresh throughout the day. Add some rose water into your bath tub and you will feel the freshness with great fragrance of rose throughout your day.
  • Hair in underarms or armpits collects the perspiration and causes invasive odor that sometimes could be unbearable. So try to keep your armpits free from hair. Also take a mug of water and mix with a spoonful of vinegar and rinse your underarms with this solution to keep the offensive odour away.
  • Change your clothes every day and wear clean clothes. Also wear cotton clothes because cotton absorbs perspiration in a better way and prevents odor.
  • There are plenty of perfumes and deodorants available in the market but either they work temporarily or they just mask the odor from your body. So it is better to find out the real reason behind body odor and try to abolish the cause.
  • Spicy food gives your body a sweat dour that result in offensive body odor. Avoid so much of sugar, red meat, excess use of alcohol, junk food/fast food, and caffeine as they may also cause foul odor from your sweat. Vegetables like garlic and onion can also cause bad odor. Changing your eating habits can literally do wonders.
  • Brush your teeth every time to have a meal, and especially when you wake up in the morning and right before going to bed. Clean teeth prevents bad breath. Do visit your dentist every 3 months to see if there is any problem with your teeth or gums that might cause or causing bad breath.
  • Remove toxins from your body by drinking more than 8 glass of water every day.
  • Practice yoga and meditation every other day to keep your stress hormones in control. That might cause excessive and foul smell sweating.


Smelly and sweaty feet

If you have sweaty feet than use socks made up from cotton and wash them regularly to prevent smell.

Don’t wear same shoes every day. Because this might create offensive smell in the shoes as they might not be getting time to dry out completely. So have 2 pair of shoes.

Personal hygiene is not just healthy but it also stimulates the self-esteem and gives you confidence to move freely in the society.

If none of the tips work than seek some medical help to get rid of the problem.

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