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Powerful Remedies For Hair Growth Faster

Hair is something that adds to the beauty of a woman. Women with long, shiny and silky hair look amazingly beautiful. Yet here we are, with complains like, “My hair is too thin!” “My hair is too dry!” but above all is the master complain, “I can’t seem to grow my hair!” “It just doesn’t grow!”. Yes ladies, we have heard it all. We know how to fix this situation too! There are various things you can do to get your hair growing again, and not just again like that, in a better way too. All you need is these powerful remedies for hair growth faster.

Remedies: Hair Growth Faster

First of all, if you are using any kind of hair product or styling product, STOP! Stop using it. So many of these products contain harmful chemicals which utterly destroy hair. Virgin hair is the best hair. Restrain from hair colors and heat styling tools like rollers and straighteners. Comb your hair daily, and once a three months, get a trimming to avoid split ends.

Now then, let’s focus on diet for healthy hair. Medics say that if you cure the root of the disease, you cure a lot of other problems alongside. Same is true for hair and diet. If you have a healthy diet, not only your hair, but your general health and skin will improve too.

Therefore, stop the intake of junks and convenience foods, fizzy drinks and smoking. This will lead to better health of scalp and hair alike. Include proteinaceous foods kidney beans, eggs, soybean, chicken, tofu and others in your diet. They help in the progress of new hair and give your hair some good shine. Then there are vitamins: Vitamin A in mango, papaya, orange, prunes and carrots, Vitamin B which increases scalp’s blood circulation, in chicken, potato, beans, fish, oatmeal and banana, Vitamin C in lemons, guavas, kiwis, oranges and amla, and vitamin E in nuts such as peanuts etc and vegetable oils such as soybean oils, corn, sunflower and wheat germ.

You should also take mineral-rich fruits and vegetables (the greens being very essential to your health and hair), sugars, whole grains and good fats. These are rich in nutrients that are advantageous for hair growth.

Different types of natural homemade hair masks to make hair thicker. You can use egg mask to cover your hair for a good few hours, which will leave your hair nourished, or you could use plain yogurt which does the same. You could use honey mixed with water and oil for this purpose too. Lastly, in the category of masks, you can apply simple milk or coconut milk on hair to make them grow, which serve the same purpose like before.

Different kinds of essential oils for hair growth are used. Including mustard oil, coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil, rosemary oil, argan oil, sage oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, flaxseeds oil, castor oil and Vitamin E oil, improve your hair health to a great extent. All you need to do is to massage one of these oils or a combination of some into your scalp and wash after a few hours or the next day. The dandruff flakes will disappear; your hair will be silky, smooth and shiny.

remedies for hair growth faster

Try these natural and viable home solutions for more strengthened and shinier hair. Hope you like these remedies for hair growth faster.

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