Prettiest First Date Makeup Looks to Try

Either it is your first date in your whole life or this is the first time, you are going out with this specific guy, first dates actually sucks. Okay, I mean going out with someone you are crushing for so long or with someone you are attracted too is definitely fun and something wow kind of moment. But what actually sucks is, the whole time you need to prepare for the date. What you should be wearing, what you both should do or what you should be saying. You should definitely give pretty go to your first date makeup looks.

Okay an excuse to the dress up and eat food or eagerly drink coffee or watch a movies with too much nervousness. The whole meet up is fun but it still sucks. More often than not, you are tortured by your nerves and eagerness and the idea of dressing up and putting some makeup on is almost equal of hell.

Fortunately, I am in love with makeup and I think that’s what you need to make yourself look and feel comfortable on your first date. This works in a way that when you put some good makeup on, you know that you look beautiful and this will help you enhance your confidence level. As I stated I Love makeup and I love telling my girls how they can apply it and what kind of makeup look is perfect for your perfect moment.

So, instead of leaving yourself for the last minute heavy makeup touch-ups, try trusting on you lip-gloss and mascara combo, liner or glossy cheeks, red lips and thick lashes or some more pretty date-night looks that will leave you looking and feeling like a zillion bucks, even if your date goes from 10 to 0.

First Night Date Makeup Looks
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Following are the 5 prettiest and cutest makeup looks for first dates:

First Date Makeup Looks

Winged Liner + Copper Eyes + Highlighter

Umm well, this makeup look is not specific for dates so even if you aren’t going for a date you can have this look anytime or every time or all the times you want. This look is simple yet incredibly pretty and your skin looks glowing without too much shine on it.

Flushed Cheeks + Mink Eyes

Soft pink, skin or brown eyeshadows, delicate contouring and rosy cheeks can give you the most gorgeous and flushed look ever that might make you feel like you are out of the world and a messy topknot would be a cherry on top.

Red Lips + Thick Lashes

What do you think that smoky eyes, matte-red lips and thickest eye lashes can do? This can give you incredibly hot and gorgeous look that actually deserves a bow and if you opt this look for your first date, your partner is going to drool over you. The trick on thick lashes is to coat your lashes with mascara and then apply one coat of talcum powder with clean mascara brush and then again coat with mascara. This will give you fake lash look.

Liquid Liner + Sheer Skin

I have seen many people fearing the liquid liner look and I don’t know why. Liquid liner is not something to fear about because it gives you the fuller and bold look at the same time. You should see the beauty blogger Lisette’s 3 different tricks, in which she teaches the art of applying liquid liner perfectly.

Pink Lips + Glowing Skin

Pink cheeks, champagne-lined eyes with little shimmer and bubble-gummy pink lips are super cute and super fun for date nights with your perfect special someone. In this look, glossy pink would look hot and cute at the same time, so why not trying the look?

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