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How to Put Make Up on Pimples

No matter how many times our mom yells at us for pressing the pimple on our face, we often find ourselves standing in front of the mirror and letting the conquest of a popped pimple gone so wrong. We messed up with our face by pressing the pimple and always finds ourselves cursing us due to the dumb act we always do. But cursing and shame is not going to do any wonder in removing the redness and pain go away any soon.

Popping the pimple may cause an eternal spot on our face. This might look too bad and embarrassing. So at first place, it is important to leave the pimple as it is and wait for it to go away on its own. But if you still can’t help it and can’t remove it than here is the way that can help you apply makeup on the popped pimple.

How to Put Make Up on Pimples

how to put makeup on pimples

Expert dermatologists begs that please go back in time and just do not pop any pimple on your face. Because the bacteria it has in it may get you in trouble and it may leave a lifetime scar. But if you still did it and have few hours in going out for some fun times or on a date, or a wedding and you have to look presentable and not embarrassing off course then here is something that you should do:

Compress the pimple area with something warm to stop the bleeding and sebum. Than clean the site with mild antibacterial soap and warm water. If you have few more minutes then take an aspirin and crush it in water. Apply the mixture on the site to reduce inflammation and to drain the contents quickly. Once you are done with washing it off and it stops bleeding, get the Visine as this will quickly remove the redness. It will make it easier to cover with makeup.

Now with the help of tissue, apply little of Neosporin in the burning site. This will definitely help when you are in a rush. Dust the pimple site with glowing powder and get your fine tip make up brush. Dot a makeup concealer on the spot and tap with your finger to adjust the concealer spot. After that, apply little more translucent or glowing powder to give it a finishing touch.

put makeup on pimples
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In this perfect world, I know we have to hide the pimples all day. But it will get messy by noon. And if you apply makeup over makeup, makeup over makeup with lots of products you will end up anger the blemish. It will result in more inflammation and eternal spot on your face. Applying concealer again and again to hide the pimple for all day is definitely not a good idea. Because that would be too much. In order to have emergency touch-ups, have some cotton buds and MAC blot powder in your bag. Apply the powder in smaller amount for best result.

Then, keep your hands away from your face. Your body will heal itself if you don’t over disturb it. Let the pimple dry out and heal itself if you still can’t get it over then get some hydrocolloid blister pads from nearby drugstore. Apply it on the pimple to remove the leftover sebum. Exfoliating the skin before it actually contains dead cells will do no good but this can also harm your skin.

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