Reasons of Hair Color Discoloration, Tips to lasts longer the whole Summer

We all are obsessed with the latest hair color technologies and the craze of getting a new look with the new season. Summers are present with the challenges to get the perfect body and look for the pools and beaches. Pool parties are great fun for all in the hot summers. But we often blame them for the tangy hairs with the fungal attack. Pool water may affect your hair texture with color and make it dull and dry due to presence of chlorine in its water. People are getting aware of that fact and go for the chlorine free pools to enjoy summers.

Reasons of Hair Color Discoloration & Some Useful Tips

To improve hair condition and avoid dullness, useful measure must be in place. But there is one more important factor which is being neglected by the most of us. It is the use of excessively processed water with the minerals in the daily shower. Tracey Cunningham, celebrity colorist says that sometimes our tap water has more of chlorine in the water with the absorption of iron, rust, copper, lead and bacteria. According to her most of her clients with the blonde hair came back after six to eight weeks of coloring having dull hair. It’s all because of the mineral accumulation in the tap water.

tips to get longer hair in summer
Photo by: Angelo Pennetta, Vogue

In order to make you hair color lasts longer the colorist recommend her clients to use a filter. Tracey with the Nikki Lee, co-founder of the Los Angeles Nine Zero One Salon, designed a filter. Tracey recommends the use of this filter to her celebrity clients also. Her clients are some Big names of the Hollywood industry include Kim Kardashian West, Emma Watson and some more.

This filter is made with the six step filtration system, raindrops and has some coconut shells which have to be replaced every four months. They call it Brita for the showers. It has some very good results with the maintenance of the hair color for the longer time period and softness of hairs.

With the use of that filter in your shower the other thing which is important is regular trimming of hairs. It helps your hair to stay in the healthy state. With the regular removal of split ends and dead ends of your hair strands help them to grow better.

Now last but not the least, always use a good quality hair conditioning mask for your hair. It is to keep them healthy and alive. It works with your hair color leaving a smooth hair texture with the lasting hair color.

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