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How to Remove Unwanted Facial Hairs Naturally and Permanently

Facial hairs are somehow a big issue for most of the girls. This issue is rising as the problem of hormonal imbalance is getting common. Flawless skin demands a soft, smooth and hair free glowing texture. Presence of facial hairs makes your face look dull and loss of feminist. We have hairs all over the body whether it is legs, arms, armpits, bikini lines, shoulder, and back or may be on our feet. We all are different and so the hair growth. Some people have thick and hard hair texture which is obvious to everyone while some have no or very minimal hair growth.

Facial hairs and their removal are much more imperative for girls as they can’t take any risk for their facial skin. Girls adopt different hair removal techniques to get rid of it. Some of them are short term and others are long term or the permanent cure. Short term includes waxing, threading, tweezing and some other treatments which are affordable. Long term removal methods are laser, electrolysis and some other high tech cosmetologist skin treatments which are very much expensive and not affordable for everyone.

Face waxing, threading and tweezing methods are more common but these methods can damage your skin. In waxing you may burn your skin if not done properly while the other method may lead to thickening of hair with the dark and hard hair texture.

If we talk about the natural hair removal of hair then it comes with the less skin damage. Though it is not that much permanent but if you adopt it on regular basis then you can get rid of that issue. Method to remove unwanted facial hairs naturally is given for your help.

3 Methods to Remove Unwanted Facial Hairs

How to Remove Unwanted Facial Hairs Naturally and Permanently

1. Egg mask for facial hair removal

This method is common and effective in removing facial hairs. This mask is sticky and when you remove it on drying it may cause some pain. But with it removal it pulls out hairs from the skin leaving smooth texture. This mask requires

  1. One egg
  2. One table spoon of sugar
  3. One tea spoon of corn flour


  • Take one egg and separate its egg white.
  • In a mixing bowl add egg white, sugar and corn flour.
  • Mix well until it makes a thick paste.
  • Apply this mask and leave it for 20-15 minutes to dry completely.
  • Now peel of that mask in a way that it pulls out your facial hairs. Wash your face with the tap water and apply a good moisturizer. Repeat this method to completely get rid of your facial hairs.

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