Simple Concealer Hacks To Get The Perfect Make Up Look

Concealers are getting more importance in your make up skills to get the flawless skin. The way you apply you concealer matters a lot to change your look. Concealer game is on peak and you can get the different concealers in the market. With the increase in the impurities in our surrounding our skin is facing more issues regarding pigmentation, blemishes and dark circles. Most of the time we talk about how to conceal them perfectly. Here we are going to share some simple concealer hacks with you that will give you the perfect make up look.

10 Simple Concealer Hacks

  1. Say bye bye to puffy eyes

Mix your eye cream with the concealer and the minimal of highlighter at the back of your hand. Apply this to your brow bone, under your eyes and the temples to reduce the effect of puffy eyes.

  1. Contour your eye brows and lips perfectly

Concealer acts in a great way to contour your eye brows and lips. Use your concealer to define the perfect shape of your face features. Use your angled brush to made the lines and cover your mistakes.

  1. Try your liquid foundation as a concealer

If you are out of concealer then you can also try your liquid foundation at your face to cover the imperfections. The best way to conceal the problem area is leave your foundation for some time to set. In case of the blending right after application of your foundation will not give you the perfect coverage.

  1. Apply in the triangular shape under your eyes

In order to cover the dark circles at your face apply your concealer underneath your eye in an inverted triangular shape. Applying in such a way will give you the more flattering look while in case of horizontal application it will not work at its best.

  1. Get nude lips

Nude lips look great equally with the formal and casual way. If you are not happy with the collection of your nude lip shades then you can try your regular lip color or lip gloss and dab some concealer on it. It is the perfect way to create the nude lip look complimenting your skin tone.

  1. Stop creasing

The best hack to control creasing for the concealer application is the application of concealer at the same temperature. If still you get some crease under your eye then use tissue or bloating paper to absorb oil and get rid of creasing.

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