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Sophie Turner, an English actress, known for her role in World famous television series, Game of Thrones, born in Northampton, raised by her parents in a way that she loved acting when even she was so young. Game of thrones star, before starting acting was a member of few theaters, and has been nominated and won several awards. Though her personal and love life is not disclosed by her. This article is about Sophie Turner movies, TV shows appearance and her photo gallery.

Sophie’s mother, Sally, is a teacher while her father, Andrew, works in a private company. Sophie studied in The King’s high school and holds the membership of ‘Playbox Theatre Company’ since she was just three years old. Sophie was taking drama classes at her school when The Game of Thrones season’s auditions started in 2011, her drama teacher asked her to audition for the role of young noble women, ‘Sansa Stark’, in the series. And at the age of 15, she got selected for the role.

Game of thrones is a fantasy drama series started in 2011 and Sophie has to turn her hair auburn from blond, for the role and now most of the people know her as Sansa Stark instead of her real name. She nominated for Best young actress award, Screen Awards, Empire hero award and Scream Award for best ensemble, all for her role in Game of thrones as Sansa Stark. She has won 5 other awards including Glamour award again for her role as Sansa.

Sophie Turner Pics
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In 2013, Sophie was casted in her first feature film, ‘Another Me’ and then in 2015, she was casted in, ‘Barely Lethal’. She also performed the role of Jean Grey in X-Men series. She is also doing two more movies, which are under-production and their release date is not final yet.

Sophie Turner Pics Gallery

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