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Step by Step Guide to Get the Perfect Smokey Eye Make Up

Smokey eye makeup is so classy and adds an instant glow and glamour to your look. It is ideal for you to carry in the evening. This make up technique is simple yet dramatic. In order to master the Smokey eye look you must have to work on your blending. Different techniques are adopted by different people to carry this look.

Here we present step by step guide to get the perfect Smokey eye makeup look. Smokey eye is ideal look of multi starrer personalities like Cara Delevingne, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and many more other popular faces. This look is evergreen as it is old but still so popular amongst girls. To help those girls who want to try this look we present this guide.

Step By Step Smokey Eye Make Up Guide

  1. In first step you have to pick the right color to adopt this bold look. Some popular shades of this look are emerald green, black, deep blue but you can also try shades of brown, grey and gold. But actually you can try any color because to get a Smokey eye you have to blend three different shades and tone. Darker tone is necessary to get the Smokey effect on your eye the second one is the medium tone which is the main color to blend with the bold dark color. Last one but for me the most important is soft color to define your socket crease on your eye.

    Apply Primer

  2. Before applying any shades on your eyelid you must have to apply some primer on your eyelid and socket crease. It helps in providing the perfect base for the eye shadow application.
  3. Start your make up look by sweeping a brush on your socket line with the lighter tone and blend it towards the arch of eyebrow to get the bigger and brighter eye look.
  4. Take a wider and soft brush to apply medium shade on your eyelid. Start this shade with the center of eye and blends it towards the lash line and socket crease equally. Make sure to work towards the outer corner of your eye to define the perfect winged eye shape.
  5. This step is the key to get Smokey eye look. In this select a good quality angled brush and applies your dark shade on your eye. Application should be started from the outer corner of eye and blend it inwards near the lash line. Dark shades are tricky to apply and difficult to handle as they spread. To avoid any such mess, slightly wet your brush before application. It improves blending and prevents spreading of shade on face.
  6. Now work on the blending of your shades. Merge all the three tones on your eye. You can add more colors but make sure to blend them properly. But according to the recent fashion looks, less is more. Rather than applying too much make up on your face. Apply them precisely but in a correct manner. For blending slightly tapered brushes are best and my favorite brushes are of mac and Bobbi brown.

    Eye Liner magic

  7. Now apply eyeliner on the top and bottom lash lines. Gel and kohl liners are best for application as they can easily blend and the best texture and color. It is not necessary to apply black color. You can also go with the deep blues, brown and some other dark shade liner to get more dramatic look.
    eye liner application

  8. My favorite part in eye makeup is mascara. I love to apply it as it allures and enhances eye fascination. You can also use eye lash curler.
  9. Now carefully apply lashes on your eyes. For this make sure to use best quality lash glue. Preferably use eye lash applicator. If you don’t have it in your make up box then go with the hands rather than using tweezers or anything else. Measure the lash size. If it is large then cut it from the edges. Put a precise amount of glue on lashes and wait for a while. Place it on your lash line and wait to stay properly. Apply mascara to blend both lashes.
  10. In order to avoid any dislodge spray some setting spray to lock the look.To create perfect smokey eye makeup, these simple step by step guide will help you create one for yourself.

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