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Taylor Swift’s Super Performance on Super Saturday Night Concert!

Taylor Swift, the queen had her first show of 2017 at Super Bowl Pre party in Houston, Texas. But the sad news is this might be her last show of 2017 as well. Taylor swift 2017 show is special for many reasons. 

The 27 year old star took that Super Saturday Night’s stage to announce that she might not do another show in 2017. She said, “As far as I know I’m only doing one show in 2017, and as far as I know, this is that show. You are attending 100 percent of my tour dates.”

Taylor Swift Super Performance

As far as sadness goes, we cannot even begin to explain our disappointment. But Taylor didn’t let us stay sad for long as she started her set. Swift rocked the stage by singing songs from her award winning albums.

She wore a black see through dress by Versace.  She credited them for it when she posted pictures from the event on her Instagram page. Typical Taylor wore a black high waisted underwear with a black bra to cover up her essentials which made the dress look even better.

taylor swift 2017 performance
Image Source: Getty Images for DirecTV

The best part of the show was Taylor singing her most recent work, all acoustic. She sang “This is what you came for” which has gotten quite a lot of attention during her break up with Calvin Harris. But she didn’t leave it at that, she also sang a song called “Better man” which was written for Calvin but given to Little Big town, a country band. The mash-up of these two great songs was exquisite. She apologized to crowd for the absence of Zayn Malik and sang her most recent single, “I don’t wanna live forever”.

The crowd went crazy listening to the acoustic versions of their favorite new songs. But it all ended with Shake it off blasting in the arena. Taylor Swift put on a great show and gave a great start to Super Bowl. There were so many other A list celebrities attending the event.

We all went home on a very sad note that Taylor won’t be performing again this year but swifties we all definitely hope she releases new songs at least. So hold on and wait !

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