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If You Think Bella Hadid Doesn’t Smile, Watch Her at the Knicks vs. Lakers Game

Bella Hadid is a person with lots of qualities or I should say super powers. Maybe this is because she belong to the family of all amazing people like her mother Yolanda Hadid, supermodel sister Gigi Hadid and now their cousin is going to break all the stereotypes of being over-sized. I sometimes wonder how amazing the whole family is. Amazingly, Bella Hadid is also a great basketball fan. This only discovered when she attend Knicks vs Lakers Game. Everyone was more excited for Bella than the actual game and bowled out at Bella Hadid smile.

Bella Hadid In The Game Like Never Before

Bella Hadid, herself is amazing at so many things. She is gorgeous, holds a special place in Victoria Secret’s angel crew, a global activist and a supermodel who holds model of the year award twice. As people who don’t actually know her, says that Bella Hadid is not a fun kind of person in fact they say that she smile so less or she doesn’t even know how to laugh and have fun. But I think this article will change the whole perception about this gorgeous girl.


Bella Hadid Smiles

Bella Hadid is an enthusiastic and a keen fan of basketball. Hadid attended a match between Knicks and Lakers and she sat at the courtside in New York. She just not attended the game but she was really into the game. She was absolutely crawling on the floor with anxiety and excitement.

Bella Hadid had a great time watching the match as she was super excited and we can tell this by seeing that she changed her outfit half-time and she was continuously giggling and laughing with her fellows. And the Knicks won the match with 113-109 and why not when Bella Hadid is watching you play?


Bella Hadid Smiles

It is hard to avoid the amazing reactions of Bella Hadid. Do let us what what you think of her thrilling reactions in the game.


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