Three Most Important Weight Loss Factors

Weight loss is actually not as simple as it seems to be. Our bodies are very complex and so interlinked. We all have the same features like eyes, nose, and lips but still look so different. Same is in case with our bodies same internal organs but different mechanisms in our body. In weight lose our bodies act and react in a total different way. There are main three factors involved in the weight loss.


Most Important Weight Loss Factors


  1. Calories

It is the most important factor in the weight loss. If you are not working on your eating habits you cannot achieve your target. Losing weight is almost impossible if you don’t limit the calorie intake. Whether you choose low fat vegan diet or the low carb high fat diet. The end result of every diet is to reduce the calorie intake and an increase in the calorie consumed. If you succeeded in doing that you will be able to get the healthy body weight.

It seems to be the simple phenomena but in the real life it is not easy for some. We observe that the weight loss is a tough task for some people they limit their calorie intake, stick to the healthy diet plan but they still find it difficult to get their body in shape. On the other hand some people are so careless about the calorie intake but still in shape. It is awful for the strugglers to find their mates enjoying their food full of calories but still no increase in their weight. If you are finding it difficult to get the perfect body weight then you need to put some extra effort to get rid of the excess weight.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is the second most important factor to lose weight. If you are eating healthy still you need to do some workout. It does not matter what you prefer for your body. What is more important, you need to take some time for the physical activity. It is not only good to get the right weight but for the body strengthening. It’s up to you whether you want to go with the aerobics, yoga, weight lifting or just a simple morning walk. All are good, because something is better than nothing. If you find it difficult to go for gym, then go for walk but don’t skip that.

It is actually a healing process for your body. If you are really struggling to get the perfect body then with the restriction in the calorie intake you need to go with the extra hard work.

  1. Microorganisms or micro biome

What are the microorganisms or the micro biomes and what is their role in the weight loss? This factor might be strange for you but this is also very important in the weight loss. Here you can also get the answer, why weight loss is so easy for some and a tough task for others?

With the constant study and research the researches find out that the body chemistry is very complex and in the different body chemical reactions you get difficult appetite and metabolism. In some people the appetite hormones are stronger and they overpower the hormones that control your appetite. Those humans feel hungrier. They increase the calorie intake in their body. It is very difficult for them to lose weight.

Other facts

On the other hand some people are born to burn the calories. Those humans fall in the category of those people who easily maintain the perfect body weight without any hard effort. What are the factors involved in this? Scientist discovered that the micro biome affect the body ability to lose weight. Micro biomes are the bacteria and viruses live in our body like gut. They play a vital role in maintaining the body weight. Micro biomes in the human body have 250-800 times more genes than there are human genes. Different bodies have different amount of micro biomes and the genes. Micro biomes make some chemicals naturally that enters in the bloodstream and affect human body chemistry.

Calories we swallowed in the regular basis get absorbed by the blood and distributed around the body including the fat cells. But some of the food we eat leaves our body without being absorbed by the human body. In some people the micro biomes absorbs more of the calories from the food we eat while in some micro biomes absorbs a good amount of calories from the food we eat. It makes the weight loss really a tough task for some and for some it is not a big deal.

Though, you cannot control the internal body chemistry and the chemical reaction in the body. But still you have the options to do something for your body. so, eat healthy, stay healthy and live happy.

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