Three Weight Loss Myths Debunked

Weight lose can really be a struggle and a difficult task if you don’t know your body and especially when there are a lot of things available to read about weight loss. Like what you should eat and what not to eat, which exercise is beneficial and which is harmful etc. Reading all those thigs and stuff, we decided to debunk the weight loss myths and help our people who thing weight loss is a rocket science, trust me it’s not.

Myth number 1:

Finding right diet:

There is no point of finding right diet for weight loss. But unfortunately people are always in hurry to find some diet that could work faster and help them shed pounds in no time. Totally false to do that. The only diet that can help you shed pounds is eating healthy and eating clean. By eating healthy and clean I mean reduce sugar intake, consume good carbs, don’t go for process foods, eliminate carbonated drinks from the diet and exchange those with green tea and natural beverages. Take 5 meals a day which should be 2 snack times and 3 regular meal. Reduce excess use of oil and use olive oil instead. Olive oil is not any less in calories than other but it has good carbs.

Myth number 2:

Scales can’t lie:

Absolutely wrong. Scales can lie in fact they do lie. If you are taking healthy diet with no processed food and drinks involved and working out regularly and you may shed fat weight and gain muscle weight which is healthy one. Our muscles are heavier than the fat. This may show increased weight on the scales but in real you will be feeling slim and fit. Strange? No it’s not. It’s just the scales sometimes show the more weight because of fibre, water and muscle weight in the body. So don’t o for scales but feel about how you look and measure your inches for better satisfaction.

Myth Number 3:

Exercise isn’t helping:

Sometimes this is true. Exercise doesn’t help too much and it doesn’t burn as much calories as we think it should burn. But it doesn’t mean we should stop working out. Exercise help you get your body in shape and reduces anxiety, help you improve concentration and tones the body while elimination saggy fat from the body.

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