Toothache Remedies: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Medical Care

There is no pain bigger than toothache because this causes throbbing and extremely irritated pain all over the mouth. It can be explained in a way when a person suffering from toothache experiences severe pain in teeth nerves due to several reasons and it can treated with dental treatments as well as some useful home remedies.


Every tooth related problem is really disturbing and painful whether it is toothache or swelling in gums. It affects our daily life and routine activities to great level. Toothache is mainly caused by tooth cavity, swelling in gums, and excess eating of sweets, chocolates and junk food. Poor hygiene, poor quality of toothbrush and toothpaste and inadequate brushing can also cause tooth related problems. Another big reason behind worsen toothache is stress, anxiety and mental instability.

Sometimes it is really necessary to visit concerned doctor or dentist about worsen toothache because it is not always due to jaw or tooth problem. Yes, you heard it right, toothache can also be caused by other problems like external or inner ear infection, passages of air from cheek bones, commonly known as sinuses or infection in the sinus cavities i.e. sinusitis. Pain around jaws and teeth can also be caused by heart attack or angina or some other heart related problems. Therefore, this is not something we can ignore easily because that might end up making sick or very sick. So it is necessary to head to the concerned doctor to get proper diagnostic procedure and treatment.

Toothache Symptoms:

Tooth disease doesn’t mean just pain in the gums or teeth but it could be cold or hot spurs, severe pressure or pain in teeth or whole mouth. Other symptoms may include:

  • Cold and hot sensitivity
  • Pain while eating or chewing
  • Swelling around gums or tooth
  • Bleeding or liberation from gums or tooth

Toothache Prevention:

  • Dental problems can be avoided with regular care and proper dental treatment. You must have your dentist’s number in your phone for emergency. Following are the other prevention measurements you can take to avoid dental illness.
  • Maintain balanced diet and eat healthy.
  • Brush your teeth before and after every meal to remove food particles from your teeth and don’t forget to use mouth wash to avoid cavities.
  • Use toothpaste that include fluoride.
  • Make sure your toothbrush is of good quality and soft.
  • Floss between teeth every day.
  • Arrange a meeting with your dentist twice a year for teeth cleaning process and make regular visits to the dentist every month for dental check-up.
  • Don’t forget to wear headgear or dental guard while you play outdoor sports to prevent fatal teeth or mouth injury.

Home Treatment for toothache and tooth decay:

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