Top Most Popular Singers Of 2016

Melodic and sweet voice with gorgeous music and lyrics are the choice of everyone who acknowledge music as the best entertainment and relaxation to the soul. Versatility in voice, music and lyrics makes a singer popular and most wanted among the people. These people help him/her to get on top in the ranking of top best singers. In Hollywood there are a lot of male and female singers that who are versatile in their field. They are also ranked highest in the list of best singers in world. TOP 3 most popular singers of them are as follow:

Most Popular Singers Of 2016


In Hollywood music industry, Rihanna is the top ranked celebrity of 2016. She started her music career in 2003 and now she is the most wanted international singer who earns more than $120 million in a year. Rihanna achieved this huge success in very short period of time because of her sweet melodic voice and dedication towards her passion. She is currently working as song writer, fashion designer and as a musician of course. She gave number of hit songs but Disturbia, Umbrella, Take a bow and diamonds are one of her most famous and high ranked songs.


4th September 1981, a multi-talented girl was born in Texas, who was named as Beyoncé. This girl started her music career in her childhood with the song titled as ‘Killing Time’ in 1997, and the song went viral. Now this girl is not only a singer but a producer, TV actress, song writer and a business women.  She is successful enough to be ranked 2nd best and highest ranked singer in Hollywood.


Adele was born in 5th may, 1988 and started her music career in 2006, after she graduated from BRITS school of performing arts and technology. She recorded her first song in her last semester as her final assignment. Richard Russell, after listening her song, gave her a chance to explore her talent in music industry. Adele is not very much old in the field but she has already won a lot of awards.  Grammy’s, Academy Award and a Golden Globe award for her most famous song ‘skyfall’ nominated as the best original song.

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