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Make up brushes are used for applying makeup correctly on the skin. They ensure the even distribution of makeup on the skin. Different types of brushes are available for different purposes that can be helpful in applying makeup easily. The quality of brush is very important and it should be checked before buying any brush. The fibers of the brush should be soft and short. They are very helpful in complimenting the makeup applied.

Eye makeup brush cheats

1) Large shadow brush

This brush is used to apply eye shadow across the eye lids and give a professional look. This is a natural bristled brush. The fine quality of hairs of brush helps to pick up more pigment to be applied on eyelids.

2) Precision shadow brush

Precision shadow brush is used to apply makeup on the small areas of eyes, such as inner corner of eyes. It can sweep the shadow evenly across the eye lids. This is beneficial for all kinds of eye shadows and can its better hair quality helps in picking up more pigment easily.

3) Blending shadow brush

They are an important tool for blending makeup and are very important when it comes to chose the brush for applying makeup as makeup itself is all about blending together. These brushes are used to blend together different eye shadows. They can be helpful in easy application of makeup.

4) Blending tip brush

This is ideal for all eye shadows. This shades the color and is helpful in application of liner across the lash line. It can be used for applying and spreading liner across the corner of eyes for smoking effect. It is great for hooded and small eyes. Small and soft bristles help in detailing and blending.

5) Angled liner brush

This is used for creating and defining the precision lines. It’s useful for eye line definition and filling in the gaps of eye brows with any shadow or high lighter. It is equally important for defining the shape of brows. It also  defines application of eye liner. This helps in the application of eye liner deep into the lashes for making eyes more distinct and clear. Angled brushes are also used to apply high lighter around nose and corner of eyes.

eye makeup hacks

6) Precision liner brush

Used for making the precise line more perfect. It makes the fine line above the eye lashes and makes eye look bigger and open. It can be used for double lining to create more depth and provide more definition to eyes. Firm and fine bristles of this brush help in applying perfect amount of liner on eyes. To give more diffused look they can be used with eye shadows.

7) Smudger brush

The fine and soft tip of this brush is used to soften the harsh line of pencil thus giving a smoldering finish. It also evenly distributes the eye liner. They can also be used to apply eye shadows on the eye evenly and also below the eye lashes.

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