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Worst Dressed Celebrities: Academy Awards 2017

While some of the celebrities rocked the red carpet, others failed to do so. They either tried very hard or didn’t try at all. It’s a shame they have to be in the Worst Dressed list on a event like this. 

Here is our list of Worst Dressed from the Academy awards red carpet:

Worst Dressed Celebrities: Academy Awards 2017

1) Dakota Johansson

Looks like the Fifty Shades of Grey star used up all her best dresses at the various premieres of her new movie, Fifty Shades Darker. She chose a Gucci gown for the evening but it was ugly even if we put it nicely. It looked like she came out of the 19th century painting but not in a good way.
Dakota Johnson Oscar Pic

2) Jessica Biel

The actress usually is in the best dressed list but this time missed it by a few inches. The hair didn’t go with the make up and the necklace didn’t go with the dress. The dress definitely wasn’t a good choice for Oscars and we are wondering what happened here. She wore KaufmanFranco Dress with Tiffany and Co jewelry.
Worst Dressed Oscars 2017

3) Isabelle Huppert

Her white dress was good while following the gold and white trend surrounding the Academy Awards red carpet but it still was not enough to make her look good. The dress seemed way too blank and simple. She wore an Armani Prive dress.
Worst Dressed Celebrities Academy Awards 2017

4) Nicole Kidman

Her dress would have been good some years back but at this time we have seen so much of something close to it that we just don’t like it anymore. The round circles all over it didn’t help her case. She also had on an Armani Prive attire and we came to the conclusion that Armani didn’t have a good time at the Oscars as well.
Nicole Kidman

5) Janelle Monae

The star had a huge black dress on for the event and she falls in to the category of people who took the Academy Awards way too seriously and did way too much to impress the audience, but failed completely at it. The pattern of her dress on her bodice was haphazard and didn’t make any sense. The bottom was way too large for the event. She had on Ellie Saab dress with Forever mark jewelry.
Worst Dressed Celebs 2017
This was our list of Worst Dressed from the red carpet of Academy Awards. Let us know if you expected this from the stars. We hope to see them do better at future events. Stay tuned for more fashionable details!

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