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Worst Dressed Celebs from Grammys 2017

As the star studded night came to an end, we realized some celebrities rather tried too hard and failed terribly at the red carpet. In trying to do something different, the deviated way too much from the path of good fashion and style. 

This is our list of Worst Dressed:

Grammys Worst Dressed Celebs

1) Katy Perry

Katty Perry
Image Source: REX / Shutterstock
The Chained to the Rhythm singer probably did not imagine she would be listed in worst dressed, nor did her fans. But if we give a look at the dress, the only problem we see is that the bottom looks part of some other terrible dress. What was she thinking?  She is probably regretting wearing Tom Ford.

2) Santigold

Santi Gold
Image Source: REX / Shutterstock
The bright pink colored dress definitely didn’t look good on her specially with black heels. And was that a three faced snake? Wow!

3) Juliette Larthe

Juliette Larthe
Image Source: REX / Shutterstock
We don’t even know where to start with this weird dress. From head to toe, everything was wrong. From the sheer fabric to the shiny CDs, from her hairstyle to her combat boots, nothing looked good.

4) Girl Crush

Girl Crush
Image Source: REX / Shutterstock
She had a pink bustier on with a bright pink lipstick.  But that isn’t what we didn’t like. The problem started with her skirt filled with the balls from the play land pits. Seriously?

5) Taraji P Henson

TaraJi P
Image Source: REX / Shutterstock
The girl never disappoints but I think everything good comes to an end, and so did her streak of good looks. She wore a weird purple colored dress that looked more like kids choice awards kind of stuff than Grammys!
This was our list of Worst Dressed! Let us know what you think and if you agree with our choices! Was there someone else you didn’t like?

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